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Jiraiya and Naruto’s Funny Moments Pt. 1: Jiraiya’s Smokin’ Something…

Jiraiya and Naruto have got to be the funniest duo next to Kakashi and Gai. I love watching their funny moments, which I did several times just now. It’s like a good song (or really bad pop song) that sticks in your head all day long. Instead, for me, it’s anime scenes.

From Naruto episode 53, here’s part one of Jiraiya and Naruto’s funny moments.


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Naruto 642: I don’t even have a unique title for this… It was too good!

Wow, I just caught up with Naruto Chapter 642, and there’s so much juicy information in this chapter that I just gotta write about it!

First up is the scene where the Second Hokage (can never remember his name… just his tiger-like face) mentions to Minato that his arm isn’t growing back, even in Edo Tensei mode. Then, Obito explains it’s that special jitsu that turns all ninjitsu into nothing.


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Naruto 640: The Juubi Jinchuuriki’s Determination

This week’s chapter of Naruto didn’t really produce any really deep or analytical thoughts for me. However, I did want to mention Obito’s determination to bring his type of peace to the world because of Rin. I just think he’s holding onto her and holding onto pain and using it as an excuse to go with his plan. I’m not quite sure whose plan it was to take over the world with a genjitsu, whether it was Madara telling Obito his plan or Obito coming up with it himself. Maybe I’m missing something or I went through the manga too fast, but I don’t quite get what Obito is after for himself. Well, at least we know that, somewhere deep inside Obito, he still keeps his former team close to his heart. I think he’s just majorly confused and I wonder how the war will turn out after this. It doesn’t seem like Obito has full control of the Juubi yet, but he’s close since he’s starting to look like the silhouette of the Sage of Six Paths. Right now, to me, it seems like the transformation and the war progression is dragging on; however, I don’t know what’s going to happen next!

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Naruto 639: WTF Sasuke…?

I knew Sasuke had issues, but wow. This scene just makes me feel a bit twisted up inside cos I have no clue why Sasuke’s image of Team 7’s picture cut Naruto in half. Is it because he and Naruto will be competing to be Hokage? Only Naruto’s picture was cut, though. Sakura and Kakashi’s faces weren’t, so… I wonder… Does Sasuke like Sakura, then? Does he respect Kakashi and have a heart for him, too? Instead of splitting the picture in half, he just split Naruto. I’m sorta nervous to see what happens next with these two. Sasuke seems to get darker and darker in personality and mood as the war goes on. Also, where the hell did Madara come from? I thought he was gone after Obito deflected him! Then again, he’s under Edo Tensei, so it looks like Minato will hopefully save Sasuke and Naruto from the Juubi Jinchuuriki’s grasp and Hiroshima and Madara will be fighting soon. This is starting to get intense, almost makes me want to bite my nails like a corn on a cob… and I don’t even bite my nails! I’m not sure what Kisimoto has in store for Sasuke and Naruto… but it’s going to be good.

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Sasori — Is He Really Such A Bad Guy?

I gotta say, Sasori’s fight with Sakura & Chiyo-baasama was one of my favorites. I also think Sasori’s character is rather interesting for a villain, so I felt like talking about him today. I’m just itching to get a blog post up, so Sasori will be my topic of the day.

Just a bit of background for Sasori: He grew up with loving parents and a grandmother (Chiyo-baasama). However, his parents were killed by Kakashi’s father, Konoha’s White Fang, when Sasori was very young. Chiyo-baasama didn’t know how to tell her grandson that his parents were dead (understandable), so Chiyo-baasama let it go for some time, but in the end, she couldn’t keep lying to him. After knowing his parents were dead, he longed to see them again, which is seen in this scene here when he sees a child being loved by his parents:


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Jiraiya’s Women Troubles

Jiraiya is a rather interesting character. From his actions to his slightly obnoxious personality, it sometimes makes me think “How in the world is Jiraiya one of the Legendary Sannin?”. We know that Tsunade contributed with her strength and medical ninjitsu during the war. Orochimaru was naturally a “genius”, so we know that he probably contributed a lot during the war, too. But what did Jiraiya do? We see that he “adopted” the Ame Orphans and trained them in ninjitsu, etc.

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Life As A Jinchuuriki

What I find most interesting about the lives of a Jinchuuriki is how Kisimoto presents them. For instance, Killer Bee grew up always rapping, dancing, and being in high spirits. He knew what was happening around him. He knew that people were looking down on him, isolating him. But, he still held his head high, still rapped, and still lived happily. I think it’s due to the Raikage being there for Killer Bee since they became “the ultimate tag team”.

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