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Tag: Naruto Sasuke vs Madara Naruto Chapter 673

Naruto 673: We will..!

My review on Naruto chapter 673!

Pretty good stuff in this chapter, but it’s starting to slow down a little after the past two really intense and exciting chapters. But I noticed a major change in Naruto this chapter, and I know it’s just a drawing, but there’s just this atmosphere that everything’s about to change and Naruto has changed so much in such a short time span. Kisimoto is doing such a great job, so I definitely praise him for it!

They make a good team. :) Even if I'm still suspicious about Sasuke.
They make a good team. 🙂 Even if I’m still suspicious about Sasuke.


Anyway, well, this chapter was quite surprising. I sorta had a hunch that Sasuke may get the Rinnegan, but when and if he fights Naruto for the title of Hokage. I thought it would awaken then, but now, he has the Rinnegan and the Sharingan! I don’t know if Sasuke has changed… I do think that, like Naruto, he feels that he can do anything and he has lots of power, which he loves… But I’m still very suspicious of him. I want to see him working together with Naruto and being a team. I don’t want to see Sasuke go down the wrong path again. Sasuke isn’t really a favorite character of mine, but I do empathize with him in many ways. I hope that he’ll grow after this war and after fighting alongside Naruto. I’m so ready to see the next/last part of Naruto! 

Sasuke's ready to go! And so is Naruto! Madara looks shocked haha
Sasuke’s ready to go! And so is Naruto! Madara looks shocked haha

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