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Tag: Naruto Manga Review

Naruto 670: The Beginning…!!

My review on Naruto 670!

What the hell is this freakin’ chapter?! We were just on Gai’s fight against Madara, and now we’re in another place where Naruto meets the freakin’ Sage of Six Paths?! Okay. This… was really unexpected. Also, the Sage of Six Paths’ face was unexpected too. He really does look like an alien lol Anyway… This chapter was intense. This was loaded with information, and now we know that Ninjitsu was not created by the Sage of Six Paths. It’s Ninshuu, which was meant to create hope. Holy cow. I’m still spazzing about this chapter, sorry…



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Naruto Chapter 668: The Beginning of Red Spring

My review on Naruto 668!

All right, so… I was unaware of Masashi Kisimoto’s father passing away. :/ I found out today on a YouTube video of someone else’s review on Naruto Chapter 668, and I looked it up. No wonder he had the break. He’s still giving his work his all too. I hope he’s doing okay, and I hope this also helps people from complaining hardcore about chapters coming out; things happen! I mean, without him, there would be no Naruto; without Oda, there would be no One Piece, so I think there should be a lot more love going around for these mangakas who work so damn hard for their fans and families. Anyway, on to my review on Naruto chapter 668. 

You go Gai!
You go Gai!

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Naruto 667: The End of Youthful Days

My review on Naruto Chapter 667!

WOWOWOWOWOW! What a chapter! All right, we have Kabuto coming back, we have Gai about to reveal his secret move, we have Naruto and Sasuke coming back to life! So much is going on in this chapter, and I’m very excited to write this review. I’m also super excited for the next chapter because I want to see what Gai has up his sleeve; he’s a beast! I also hope he doesn’t die. He’s one of my favorite characters, and I feel like a lot of people are going to die in this war. 🙁 It feels so sad. But it could also be seen as symbolic if the older generation die out since the new generation will take over.  Continue reading Naruto 667: The End of Youthful Days

Naruto Chapter 665: The Current Me

My review on Naruto Manga Chapter 665!

Obito is back!
Obito is back!

Well… this week’s chapter wasn’t what I was expecting. You know, I thought there would be oodles of panic and Madara destroying everyone and being all “I AM THE MIGHTY RULER OF THE WORLD!” but hey, Kisimoto surprised me here. I didn’t think Obito was even alive still. I thought Black Zetsu consumed Obito completely and that made Obito die or something. Man, I gotta read the previous chapters and see where I missed stuff or something. Anyway, it seems like Naruto really changed Obito, and now Obito might sacrifice himself to stop Madara. Man, Madara really messed up Obito’s head! But, now, we’ll see how Obito will fulfill his promise to Rin. I’m interested to see how Obito will fight, and I’m glad that Naruto changed Obito for the better. He’s finally himself again! Naruto will really make a great Hokage, and, while Guy’s team goes to Kakashi’s place, looks like Obito will fill the void of fighting while Naruto gets revived. Continue reading Naruto Chapter 665: The Current Me

Naruto Chapter 663: Absolutely

Review of Naruto Manga Chapter 663.

Again… another chapter of a dragged out scene from the war. It didn’t quite give me any suspense, either, despite Gaara talking about how Minato’s Kyuubi would be able to save Naruto and some mystery person is going towards Sasuke. However, I was quite surprised that Sakura gave Naruto CPR ninja style. She just cut up his chest and gave him mouth-to-mouth! Sorry to be such a fangirl and cheeseball but… oOOooOoOOOooOOOOooOoOoO! It just looks like a kiss, okay?! I can’t help but think that this is some sort of hint to the future of Naruto’s and Sakura’s relationship… We’ll see, I suppose. I like that Sakura had a flashback of Naruto’s dreams and goals when he was younger and how she’s going to not let him die at all. For me, this part was really refreshing for me because it’s like a message saying, “Hey guys, I won’t let Naruto die! Don’t cry!” har har. 

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