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Tag: Naruto Manga Chapter 661

Naruto Chapter 661: The Failed World

Here’s my review of the most recent Naruto chapter.


Well, the war is still going on… I feel like this has been dragged out a lot, and it’s getting rather dull to me. I’ve been more interested in other manga as the war goes on in Naruto, but now that all the Tailed Beasts have been sucked in by that Gedo Statue by the crazy Madara, it looks like things are about to get interesting again. Since Kuruma has been taken out of Naruto, Naruto is beat and, when a Bijuu is taken out of the host, he/she dies… so… I don’t know what to think about this, though, I know Naruto is somehow going to survive this! He sorta needs to since he’s the main character of the whole damn manga… Well, then again, Masashi Kishimoto can also be creating Naruto’s tale with this manga, like Jiraiya’s A Tale Of A Gutsy Ninja, so there’s a possibility Naruto will die. But he has his dream to become Hokage, so I don’t think he’ll die that easily… right? Continue reading Naruto Chapter 661: The Failed World