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Tag: Naruto Gives Kakashi His Eye

Naruto 675: Sasuke’s Rinnegan Pt. 2

My review on Naruto 675!

Ah, man. About time! It’s been awhile since I’ve updated my manga blog; I feel like I’ve neglected it too much these past two weeks, but now I’m back! I found out that it was Golden Week last week in Japan, so that’s why there were zero updates on manga haha But I’m glad that we’re back on track with everything. It’s been a crazy week for me as well, but I have some time this morning to get on track with everything. Anyway, let’s get to the review for this chapter of Naruto!

So… Madara… you are… truly… a… big… fat… gross… old… mofo. Seriously. I had a hunch, though, that Madara set up everything with Obito. It’s because, during the flashback with Obito, Madara said something like, “It’s too soon to thank me,” after Obito decided to go out and go back to Kakashi, Rin, and Konoha. And I also found it extremely random that Rin was made into a Jinchuuriki. There was no mention of her having special chakra to hold a Bijuu in her, so that was suspicious as well. Obito got manipulated badly… Madara is seriously completely crap. I felt bad when Obito realized what Madara did, but I wondering if that will give Obito more motivation to off Madara and overcome Black Zetsu. But I’m still just shocked at how much damage Madara did to the shinobi world behind the scenes. I know Danzo was a jerk and manipulated others as well, but… Madara is just on a whole different level! 

Poor Obito...
Poor Obito…

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