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Naruto Gaiden Mini Series

Naruto Gaiden Mini Series Review

Okay, so, since there are nine chapters out already, I’m just going to talk about the main points here in this review.

First off, let’s talk about the main character, which is obviously Sarada. You definitely see the ‘next generation’ of Naruto shine in this series. I’ve heard that it’s a kick-off series for the Boruto movie coming out in August. The movie’s supposed to be centered around Boruto and how he grows, too, so I think this series is for Sarada since I think Boruto and her will be incredible ninjas in the future, and I’m not ashamed to say that they may even become a couple or at least best friends later xD Sarada understands Boruto quite well, especially when it comes to their dads.

So the Naruto Gaiden Mini Series is about Sarada trying to find out her roots. She questions Sakura about Sasuke and Sakura’s relationship with Sasuke, even asking if Sakura is really married to Sasuke. I mean… I think Sarada has every right to question her mother. Sarada notices something strange and she wants answers. She’s just a child still and not even a full-fledged ninja, so she wants to find out the truth for her own reasons. Her Sasuke-like attitude is completely warranted. She’s just lost and wants answers, which I can totally understand.


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