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Life After Naruto

Naruto Shippuden Characters

It’s almost the end of June, and it’s been nearly a year since Naruto ended. I decided to write a post about my life after Naruto has ended.

When Naruto ended, I just… let it go for a while. I didn’t think back about it. All was said and done, and that was that. I only started the series about 2.5 years ago, so I might not be considered a ‘veteran fan’ like a lot of people out there, and I may not have related to the manga as much as I do with other series I’ve read and am reading.

Or maybe it’s because Naruto hasn’t truly ended. There are movies and mini series still coming out along with light novels. I’ve read some of the awesomely translated novels online and I plan to collect them when they’re here in the States. I’m also following Naruto Gaiden, which I’ll be reviewing soon here on the blog. I guess I just don’t feel like Naruto has ended. I’ve been rereading Naruto and rewatching the anime. The anime isn’t over yet, too, so maybe I just haven’t really felt like Naruto has truly ended for me.

Speaking of reading and watching Naruto again, I have mixed feelings about some of the stuff that went down. First, there’s the whole thing with Obito Uchiha. At first, I was like, DAMN, that was one hell of a twist! Then, I was just like… seriously, why didn’t Obito realize that he could go through objects like when that huge rock fell on him? Or when Madara was manipulating him? Sure, he was injured, but I think he could have figured out Madara’s intentions. Unless Obito was just that pure of a character. After he was revealed and he ‘changed’ while he was fighting with Naruto, Obito just seemed… cheap to me. There just didn’t seem like anything left of his character, almost like it was just unnecessary for him to be there.

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