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A Post Dedicated to Might Gai

Naruto Character Feature: Might Guy


I’ve been on a Naruto nostalgia trip these past couple days, and I’ve been inspired to write more Naruto-related posts here on the blog. I’ll be getting to other topics, too, but I think I’ve been holding all these thoughts in. Even though Naruto ended two years ago, I’m not ashamed to be talking about it still! 😀 

I realized that I didn’t have any great posts about Guy-sensei! After watching and reading Naruto again, I just had to make a post for Guy. He’s too awesome, and he’s one of my favorite characters in Naruto

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Naruto Characters: Kakashi’s Character Growth

Kakashi Character Analysis

Ah… even though Naruto has ended, I sometimes revisit the series and watch or read my favorite parts. I can’t help it! I still have some attachment to the series. Although a lot of parts aren’t to my liking, I still liked the series overall. Especially the characters.

During a break today, I was watching Naruto Shippuden (the episodes with Kakashi and Obito fighting), and I was inspired to write this post because 1) I love Kakashi’s character growth (considering what he’s been through) and 2) I love Kakashi as a character (he’s so cool! /kyaaaa). 

Kakashi’s Childhood

Kakashi was known as a child prodigy and his father was an elite Konoha shinobi. Kakashi grew up with an elitist attitude, and he was quite sassy. I mean, just like at him here when he was just a kid about to enter the academy:

Lol... look at Kakashi putting his hands on his hips xD
Lol… look at Kakashi putting his hands on his hips xD

Then his father committed suicide because he was treated poorly by the villagers, and Kakashi changed. He became bitter and emotionless. He believed that the mission comes first, even if it means your comrades die because you choose the mission over them. However, Kakashi once again goes through a transformation when he decides to believe in Obito’s belief that comrades come first. 

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Naruto’s Character Traits


Today, after an extremely busy week last week, I wanted to chill for a little bit today before work, so I was watching the episode where Jiraiya teaches Naruto about the three shinobi taboos. While watching it, I thought Naruto’s fat frog wallet was adorable, and it fits Naruto’s personality well since he resembles Jiraiya in many ways. Now that Naruto can do the frog summoning like Jiraiya, the wallet is almost like a clue/hint/foreshadow for Naruto’s frog summoning later.

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Third Hokage’s Death

As I’m watching the Third Hokage’s death episode, I noticed a few things I just wanted to share because I love flashbacks. Everyone (meaning main genin characters) has a mini memory flashback of the Third Hokage. You can really see how much the Third Hokage loved his people. He always took time out of his day to talk to the young ninjas, get to know his people, understand everyone, laugh together, etc. I think, even though he was one of the people behind Itachi’s “dark path”, so to speak, he was a true leader (and pervert!). Especially since he died to protect his village, even at his old age.

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