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Tag: Naruto Chapter 680 Review

Naruto 680: Once Again

My review on Naruto 680!

You know, I never get the titles for manga chapters. I have no clue what this week’s Naruto chapter title means. But, that’s not why I’m writing this review, so we’ll go into the content now. 

So, suddenly, there’s a pool of lava underneath Kakashi, Sakura, Sasuke and Naruto… Uhh, Kaguya. Dude. What the hell are you? There needs to be more background on Kaguya, so I hope Kisimoto gives us one! She’s insane! AND she’s silent, which means she’s deadly. You know, silent killer and all. Man, I’m just anticipating everything and thinking this is the end for the Naruto world. But then it’s a shonen manga, so it can’t be the end. There’s gotta be some way to defeat her. Even if she is crazy strong and confident in her skills, there’s gotta be some way to stop her. I’m sure she has a weakness somewhere. I’m wondering if the God Tree will consumer her then kill her and take the chakra back and give it to Naruto or something because he’s destined to save the world and all that jazz. Well, I highly doubt we’ll get an answer soon. But everything has been so sudden in the past few chapters, I’m just like… okay, when is it going to end already? lol Also, I’m super curious about Kaguya’s voice in the anime… they better make it badass!

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