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Tag: Naruto Chapter 669

Naruto 669: Hachimon Tonkou no Jin..!!

My review on Naruto 669!

I’m a little late for this review, but hey, still doing one for this past week’s chapter! Gai is freakin’ awesome in this fight with Madara, and it’s also pushing Madara to his limits too. I really hope Gai can keep it up and make Madara handicapped, even if it’s just for a little bit. But it seems like Madara is just enjoying the fight, so I really hope that this makes a dent in Madara. Madara even said that he hasn’t had such fun since his fight with the First Hokage! Seriously, Gai is badass. I don’t want Gai to die in vain. I hope he doesn’t die though. It’s so sad that so many shinobi have died already. People say that if there are no deaths in these types of battles, it’s not realistic, but I think it is realistic to have people  not die and people be revived when it comes to Naruto battles. I wouldn’t be surprised if that happened after this war is over. 


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