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Naruto Chapter 665: The Current Me

My review on Naruto Manga Chapter 665!

Obito is back!
Obito is back!

Well… this week’s chapter wasn’t what I was expecting. You know, I thought there would be oodles of panic and Madara destroying everyone and being all “I AM THE MIGHTY RULER OF THE WORLD!” but hey, Kisimoto surprised me here. I didn’t think Obito was even alive still. I thought Black Zetsu consumed Obito completely and that made Obito die or something. Man, I gotta read the previous chapters and see where I missed stuff or something. Anyway, it seems like Naruto really changed Obito, and now Obito might sacrifice himself to stop Madara. Man, Madara really messed up Obito’s head! But, now, we’ll see how Obito will fulfill his promise to Rin. I’m interested to see how Obito will fight, and I’m glad that Naruto changed Obito for the better. He’s finally himself again! Naruto will really make a great Hokage, and, while Guy’s team goes to Kakashi’s place, looks like Obito will fill the void of fighting while Naruto gets revived. Continue reading Naruto Chapter 665: The Current Me