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Naruto 700: Naruto Uzumaki!!

100-Day Challenge – Post #51

Naruto 700 Review! The Ending of Naruto, Everyone!

** Due to a copyright thing, I can’t have images on this particular post. Boo.

Wow… it’s the last chapter, you guys. We’re finally here. You know… I followed Naruto about a year ago. I didn’t have much interest in it until last year, and I’ve been following this manga since then. I’m getting emotional… Okay. I’m good. Let’s do this last Naruto chapter review.

The chapter starts out with Shino teaching a lot of kids in the classroom. We see obvious resemblances to the parents… It’s quite amusing to see the kids! I’m not sure of the timeskip, though. How many years has it been? And we get a full colored manga chapter, too! Kishi must’ve worked so hard to get this all done in time. 🙁

But we see Naruto’s kid! Bolt! What a strange name lol And he’s just like Naruto when he was a kid.

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