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Tag: Naruto 696 Review

Naruto 696: Naruto & Sasuke 3

100-Day Challenge – Post #28

Naruto 696 Review!

So, the Naruto vs. Sasuke battle continues. Naruto is still trying to talk sense into Sasuke, but Sasuke is not having it lol He’s just pulling jutsu out one after another, and he even talks about immortality! He’s wanting to just carry all the burden of  hate on his shoulders and be immortal so that he can control the world forever. It’s kinda freaky how he’s thinking. He’s really thinking this whole plan through, and he’s not letting Naruto get a word in.

Naruto-696-SasukeSasuke is just like Madara – poking at people’s weaknesses. He totally slammed Naruto about his loneliness with the Kage Bushin no Jutsu. It’s quite interesting that he said that, though. Sure, a lot of people are on Naruto’s side, but does he have any real, true friends? Sure, he can connect with people in the village and in the shinobi world, but are all these people backing him up be considered real friends? Hm. I don’t know. I wonder if Naruto still feels loneliness? Sasuke hit a sensitive spot there.
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