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Tag: Naruto 695 Sasuke vs Naruto

Naruto 695: Naruto And Sasuke Pt. 2

100-Day Challenge – Post #18

Naruto is ending in five weeks, people. Five. Weeks. It’s ending in November.

Naruto-695-Sasuke-Naruto-ClashNow I see why the Last Naruto Movie is coming out. It was so signifying the end of Naruto, and, honestly, I wasn’t expecting the end to come so soon. I thought we’d go until the end of the year, but maybe Jump wanted to make Naruto end at an even number – 700? Though I’m not sure if there’s another reason for ending on an even number of chapters. But I can’t believe it… Sure, the ending was getting closer, but… in a way, I’m not satisfied. There are way too many questions left! I hope Kishi can wrap up everything in five weeks, guys. Continue reading Naruto 695: Naruto And Sasuke Pt. 2