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Tag: Naruto 693 Sasuke and Naruto Final Fight

Naruto 693: Once Again…

My review of Naruto 693! 100-Day Challenge – Post #3

Well, not much action was in this chapter, but we get a lot of… depth? And even closure in this chapter. Like how Sasuke finally said he’s not interested in Sakura. But I’ll cover that in my review!

Naruto-693-Sasuke-Intends-To-Kill-NarutoAh, so, the chapter starts out with Sasuke telling Naruto that Sasuke’s going to take care of him. Talking big, as usual. I actually believe Naruto’s words, and they don’t seem like big talk to me. I’m sure that he’ll defeat Sasuke somehow. Sasuke also doesn’t intend to leave the Bijuus he’s captured stay alive. I guess he’s thinking that they’re weapons and people fight with them and over them, so they’re better off dead and gone? Huh. Sasuke has interesting ideas.

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