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Tag: Naruto 692 Sasuke Controls Tailed Beasts

Naruto 692: Revolution

My review of Naruto 692!

All right, all right, all right… Kishi freaking threw a curve ball here! I didn’t expect Sasuke to go toward his goals right after the war. I thought there would be a break before this battle occurred, but if you think about it, it makes complete sense now, right? Sasuke was always the type to go after what he wanted ASAP. This chapter was seriously… wow. I’m glad I never trusted Sasuke 100 percent in the beginning. He’s always up to something, and he’s still a crazy ass. This is insane. I’m curious about what others are thinking, too, but it’s too early for many people, so I won’t get other opinions soon ;-; Well, anyway, onto the chapter review!

So, Kishi finally remembered to add Tobirama! Ah, I’m a fan of his, you see, and I wanted to see him last chapter, so I’m glad Kishi added him here. But it seems like the previous Hokages’ dreams of passing on their dreams to the next generation may not be reached THANKS TO SASUKE. I’m actually really pissed off at him now. I guess we should’ve known that he was up to something when he had a super bored expression on his face when the Hokages were all going back to the Pure Land.


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