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Naruto 690: Ninjas..!!

My review on Naruto 690!

Yeah, yeah, I’m late. This review is over a week due, so thank you for waiting! I’ve been super busy and tired lately, but I don’t want Naruto chapters to pile up on me, so I made some time today to catch up with my reviews.

Finally, the beast lady is sealed and gone. I’m not really sure how to feel about this, though. It felt like Kaguya suddenly appeared and disappeared in no time. She caused a little trouble, but she was sealed quickly. I have no clue what Kishi was trying to do here. What was the point in bringing Kaguya back? Is this an introduction to the next arc? Is it going to be about the history of the world? We didn’t even get the full story of Kaguya and her kids, especially the Sage of Six Paths’ brother. Seriously, something weird’s going on there. We don’t hear about the brother at all, just that he helped Hagoromo seal Kaguya. This makes me very suspicious, and I feel like Kishi has some tricks up his sleeve. I don’t like this.


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