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Tag: Naruto 689 Chapter review

Naruto 689: I Like You

My review on Naruto 689!

Ahhh, the new Naruto chapter is finally here! I’ve been looking forward to it this whole week, so I’m excited to write a review on it. This week’s chapter was freaking fantastic! Last week’s Naruto anime episode didn’t disappoint, and this week’s chapter didn’t disappoint. I’m just totally waiting for more epicness from Naruto. ^_^ 

First up for my Naruto 689 review is Kakashi. Wow. His powers have become so enhanced beyond belief, and he explains why his Sharingan powers have become super badass: He has Rikudou’s powers! Last week, I was really like WTF when Kakashi got into Susanoo mode in chapter 688, but now, it looks natural for him to do all this. I’m not sure why. I loved how Naruto said that Kakashi’s moves looked cooler than Sasuke’s; always so honest, Naruto! lol 🙂


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