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Naruto 688: The Sharingan’s…!

My review on Naruto 688!

… Okay, Kishimoto. What the hell did you just do in this chapter? I was so convinced that Kakashi wouldn’t get his Sharingan back, but now he has TWO! From a dead Obito! Oh, then he pulls out a Perfect Susanoo like it’s nothing and he’s Madara Uchiha. I’m just surprised by this chapter. It took a big, big turn, but if you think about it, Kakashi has been wondering how he can help in the fight with Kaguya. I already made the confirmation to myself that Kakashi would be Sharingan-less, but now he has two Mangekyo and can do a Perfect Susanoo… that flies… But what I don’t know 100% is if Kakashi has Eternal Mangekyo or not. Was Obito like a brother to Kakashi and he awakened EMS by himself after Obito gave them to him? I wonder how Sasuke will react to this later on, if he thinks that Kakashi shouldn’t have the Sharingans.. Sasuke acted surprised at first, but I wonder if he’ll feel rage or something lol


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