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Tag: Naruto 687 Obito And Rin

Naruto 687: You Will

My review of Naruto 687! R.I.P. Obito Uchiha

It’s 2:36 a.m., and the new Naruto chapter has come out. Since I was awake anyway, doing personal stuff, I thought I’d check it out and write a review about it. This chapter was heart-warming and emotional for me. Obito is gone now, so there’s no prolonging his life… Naruto tried, but… Yeah. I’m a little sad Obito’s gone now, but this chapter was focused a lot on his last words. It’s a bittersweet ending. Kakashi being vulnerable and calling himself useless was kinda surprising. I’ve just never seen him talk like that before (or at least I don’t remember), so I felt sorta bad. But it’s true that I can’t see the future Naruto without Kakashi, so it’s best that Kakashi stays alive. 


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