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Tag: Naruto 684 Review

Naruto 684: Must Be Killed

My review on Naruto 684!

Another slow chapter this week for Naruto; it’s just slowly progressing, but Sakura and Obito are in Kaguya’s dimension now. At this point, anything can happen. They could be killed before they reach Sasuke, or they’d be able to save him. Speaking of Sakura and Obito, Sakura just confirmed that Obito doesn’t have much longer and he’s basically going to die. I feel bad for Obito; he actually grew on me, and I like his character before he became cold-hearted and after he was “saved” by Naruto. I guess at this time, it’s a place for Obito to redeem himself and actually do something for himself and for others before he dies. It’s sad… But I guess that’s the way it is. Also, I’m wondering if, before Obito dies, he’ll give Kakashi his Sharingan again. You know, relive that moment where he gave Kakashi his eye the first time. I bet he’d say the same lines, too, and tell Kakashi to watch the future for him and then die. 🙁 It’s so sad. I really like Obito now; he was funny as a kid, too.



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