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Naruto 683: I Had The Same Dream As You

My review for Naruto 683!

Oh, wow! This chapter was freaking awesome this week. I loved seeing the previous Hokage again 🙂 They’re my fave characters! But anyway, back to the review. So, I was actually surprised to see that Kakashi, Obito and Sakura were all willing to help in some way to win this war. I also think this part shows the difference between Sasuke and Naruto – Naruto is willing to work with his comrades while Sasuke prefers to do things alone. It’s kinda symbolic, isn’t it? Sasuke in the desert, alone, while Naruto is with comrades. Or it could just be my imagination. For me, it’s good to see Obito back up and wanting to help. I hope he doesn’t die 🙁 I actually like his character, and I think he’d be a great person if given the chance. He’d also be like a big brother to Naruto, but I don’t know if Kishimoto is going to let Obito stay alive. 


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