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Naruto 682: I’m Sure You’ve Never Seen This

My review on Naruto 682!

Um… I have one thing to say about this chapter: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Just kidding! I have way more to say about this chapter, and Naruto’s jutsu is only one of them lol I just… Okay, Kishimoto. I really don’t know what you’re doing here! 

So, Obito is revived again, thanks to Naruto’s healing jutsu, and that jutsu is super handy. He kinda just… made all medical ninja useless… LOL And I think he’s going to revive Neji later and a lot of other people! What what! Neji’s not dead yet! This is too awesome. Naruto is amazing. I wonder if he’s going to revive anyone else? 


When Naruto told Sasuke about the jutsu HAHA I loved Sasuke’s reaction and how he even went along with it! I bet he knew it’d work! LOL Oh gosh. That jutsu… I was so surprised. It really does fit Naruto, and it did surprise Kaguya… but why make such a silly jutsu come up at a serious, critical moment? I mean, I get that if you don’t try, you’ll never know, so I’m wondering if Kishimoto was planning something here. This is quite strange still. Kaguya, being affected by the Sexy Reverse Harem Jutsu… Well, certainly she was surprised, and I’m still giggling over this. This was too funny and too much and too wtf! Of all people, doing that jutsu on Kaguya?! C’mon… Such a weird placement of that jutsu. Then, Sakura’s reaction! LOL SHE GOT A NOSEBLEED! WTF! Okay, she’s always scolding Naruto about the sexy jutsu featuring a girl, but she’s getting a nosebleed and saying it’d work on her with the sexy guy jutsu haha She really is like Naruto. That also makes me wonder if Sakura and Naruto are going to end up together because they’re so similar to each other… I have no clue, though. Sakura still seems hung up on Sasuke, but not sure if it’s romantically still. I say that because she might just be concerned that he’s after something else and not really a true friend/nakama. Continue reading Naruto 682: I’m Sure You’ve Never Seen This