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Naruto 681: Kaguya’s Tears

My review on Naruto 681!

I love this picture for some reason.
I love this picture for some reason.

I’m rather late on this review, but here I am about to write a review on this freaking wtf chapter. All right, so… it seems like we’ll be able to get more background about Kaguya and her sons soon. I’m really interested to see it, and there’s just so many questions surrounding the last few chapters! So, first impression about this chapter, it was just wtf, really. There’s more truth exposed in this chapter, especially about Madara and the history of shinobi, and it makes me wonder what else Kishimoto has up his sleeve. I have a hunch that he’ll add more surprising elements to the story since Kaguya’s in the picture now. Also, I kinda miss Madara… I hope he comes out soon, and perhaps he’ll change his ways? Who knows, but Madara was used and manipulated so badly, just like Indra was with Black Zetsu. I feel bad for Madara in a way, because he really could have been a good guy if he gave himself the chance and didn’t get so easily manipulated. But I do think Madara is going to come back somehow, and I can’t wait! There’s way too many loose ends to tie up. 

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