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Naruto 678: My Will

My review for Naruto 678!

Okay, I know I’m rather late on writing a review for Naruto and One Piece this week, but my goodness, this chapter was full of surprises! But I totally had a hunch that Kaguya was somehow going to show up again because, last week, I talked about Kaguya in my Naruto 677 post. Her image came up when Madara casted his genjutsu. That’s definitely a hint of something, so Madara getting betrayed by Black Zetsu (OF ALL PEOPLE) was both a huge shocker but also something to be expected since Kisimoto sorta gave a hint about that. I’m still like… wow… what the hell is going to happen now that Madara was betrayed by what he thought was his will? Also, I don’t know if you guys remember, but when Madara fought the First Hokage the last time, he got stabbed in the back and now Black Zetsu just stabbed him in the back. Literally. Some theme going on here? Madara must be so freaking surprised and crazed now, but I don’t know what’s going to happen to him! He had all these black vein things on him after Black Zetsu stabbed him. If Kaguya gets revived… things will get really bad. I don’t know if she’s good or not. I hope we learn more about her this week. This was so intense! 

Back in Naruto 628... Hashirama stabs Madara
Back in Naruto 628… Hashirama stabs Madara
Madara stabbed by Black Zetsu from behind.
Madara stabbed by Black Zetsu from behind.

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