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Naruto 677: Infinite Tsukuyomi

My review on Naruto 677!

Uh. Madara just casted his jutsu on everyone. Hello, end of the Naruto world. But something seems weird to me… how the heck did this all happen so freaking suddenly and so fast? My fellow Naruto readers, I think something’s going to happen where, somehow, Madara’s going to fail at his Inifnite Tsukuyomi. Something’s going to happen… I can just feel it! Everything happened so suddenly, so that’s usually a sign in manga that something’s going to backfire on the bad person. I think. I mean, this chapter wasn’t really like… climatic for me. I knew it was coming, and I was actually WAY more excited to see Yamato again! I love his creepy self and his eyes! He’s hilarious, and I’m glad that he showed up again. I hope he’s okay. Uh, how did Third Hokage know Yamato’s name? I thought that was assigned by Tsunade? Hmm, mistake on Kishimoto’s part or am I missing something here? I was also cracking up when I saw Orochimaru’s eyes change. I was like… of ALL people, I was not expecting to see him under the genjutsu. I mean, we’re talking about Orochimaru here lol That was hilarious to see! 

YAMATOOO! You're okay!
YAMATOOO! You’re okay! I think…

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