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Naruto 672: The Night Moth..!

My chapter review of Naruto 672!

Wow! Another amazing chapter this week of Naruto. Things are about to get spicy now that Naruto and Sasuke are back. I’m so excited to see how things will go now. Is it the climax of the war?! Seems like it since Gai knocked the wind out of Madara, which is like a foreshadow of what’s going to happen to him later. Naruto even dodged Madara’s attack when he aimed it at Gai… This… okay… people. THIS CHAPTER!

Okay, so, I really liked that Sasuke and Naruto were aligned in this chapter, showing their backs and showing how they both revived at the same time. It was a cool scene, so I’ll feature it here:

Good image, eh?
Good image, eh?

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