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Love So Life Manga Chapter 67

My review of Love So Life Chapter 67.


Not much advancement in this chapter, in my opinion. It just felt like Shiharu is aware of Nao now (lol nao now… get it?!) and she can relate to him more since she’s in love with Matsunaga. But now it’s probably going to get a super awkward between them… Too bad, but I guess Nao wants to be honest with his feelings. I felt sad for him when he said he took away Shiharu’s smile and thought he didn’t deserve to like her anymore. Yet… he still likes her! You can’t just throw away feelings like that. Poor Nao… such a tsundere, eh? I wonder what will happen now between them. I mean… I don’t think they can keep the awkwardness up. If I were to predict, I would say that Shiharu would confront Nao first and tell him she understands how he feels since she loves someone too.  Continue reading Love So Life Manga Chapter 67