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Naruto Chapter 664: Because I’m A Father Review

My Review of Naruto Manga Chapter 664!

Okay, so, this week’s chapter of Naruto actually got me a little excited, compared to other weeks I’ve read Naruto. My goodness, just when we think Naruto can be freaking saved, Black Zetsu cock blocks the hell out of it. We don’t know what’s going to happen now! I can’t even predict wtf is going to happen anymore. Just troll us all you want, Masashi Kisimoto… 

A lot of little things happened in this chapter, but the main focus was Minato attempting to save Naruto and Madara advancing in his plan. Does he look like a crazy tribal warrior from Mars or what? Reminds me of Lion King… Anyway, we don’t get to see who’s after Sasuke, and Karin said she had a bad feeling about the chakra. I like how Orochimaru wonders if Sasuke’s wind stops there. You know, I think Orochimaru could be a good guy, so I really liked that he’s shown up here and gave us a little peek into his thoughts. I thought it was hilarious, though, when Jugo thought Orochimaru was going to steal Sasuke’s body LOL That was too funny. I guess Orochimaru hasn’t redeemed himself! I don’t think he’s after Sasuke’s body anymore though. He’s reflecting on his past sins… I hope. Anyway, it doesn’t look too good for Naruto or Sasuke right now.

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