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Black Butler 97: That Butler, Curiosity

My review of Black Butler 97!

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Every month is such a treat whenever Kuroshitsuji comes out with a new chapter. ^_^ Finally, the witch village arc is moving along, and there seems to be major, major plots going on, thanks to Ciel and Sebastian revealing the truth about the village in this chapter. But I have to address the eerie, creepy, and super awesome magazine cover for GF this month. It’s amazing!

Black-Butler-Kuroshitsuji-97-GF-Magazine-Cover-Ciel-Sebastian-SieglindeAnd, of course, the chapter’s cover page itself is… very symbolic, I think. Sieglinde entering one of those witch torturing devices? Well, considering that this chapter made her completely aware of all the lies that everyone has been feeding her, the cover page is quite suitable for the events that unfold. She has such an innocent, unknowing expression on the cover page. A black crow peeking down at her at the top of the torturing device is a really obvious symbol and foreshadowing. We’re dealing with a fantasy manga here that has Shinigami, demons, and all kinds of freaks. I wouldn’t be surprised if Yana included common superstitions. Continue reading Black Butler 97: That Butler, Curiosity