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The Best One Piece Chapter Of All 2013

One Piece Manga Chapter 731 — Sabo’s Arrival!

After watching Luffy’s chlidhood past, I’m a huge fan of the three brothers, Ace, Sabo and Luffy. They have such a strong bond, and they had such fond memories. Sabo, though, stood out to me because he was a noble’s son; because of this, we get to see a glimpse of how disturbingly evil nobles are and how Sabo fought to get away from that lifestyle. Personally, I love stories about rich people who drift away from the sheep crowd. Sabo’s gotta be one of my favorite characters in One Piece, and when Chapter 731 came out and revealed that Sabo was alive… Words cannot express my fangasm. Luffy, though, had the perfect face for it:

Luffy-Crying-After-Seeing-Sabo-Alive Continue reading The Best One Piece Chapter Of All 2013