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Kabuto Had A Heart?


I never noticed before; Kabuto always worked for Orochimaru, one of the main antagonists in the Naruto series, so it’s kinda hard to see that there’s a possibility, before Orochimaru, that Kabuto was a genuine person. While watching Naruto Episode 51, I noticed that, whether Kisimoto intended to or not, that Kabuto said something interesting to Sasuke before attempting to kill him (I think). He said: “Being too excellent isn’t as good as it seems. We stood out too much. Perhaps it was unfortunate that Orochimaru-sama cast his eyes on us both.” Then, Kabuto thinks this to himself: “He’s young, but he has a devil in his heart? He took advantage of that and, eventually, that ninjitsu will be used to… And he will become…” 

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