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Tag: Masashi Kisimoto

Itachi Uchiha

***Contains Spoilers***

As I’m watching the episode when Kisami and Itachi go to Konoha (I’m always thinking about writing a post when I watch Naruto), I decided that I wanted to write about another favorite character of mine, Itachi Uchiha.

When Itachi was first introduced into the series and when I first watched Naruto, I thought Itachi was a very cold-hearted person. Killing his clan… Killing his own parents? I even thought that he left Sasuke alive because he really did mean that he didn’t think Sasuke was worth killing at all because Sasuke was so weak and just a child. At the time I thought this, though, I didn’t think about the other kids Itachi murdered because they were never shown. Continue reading Itachi Uchiha

Naruto Chapter 633 — Kuchiyose No Jutsu!

I’m getting a wee bit of chills after reading this chapter. I think the ending rocked! All their animal summoning are perfect for battling the Ten Tails’ mini soldiers. It just seemed to be the right solution for battling them and they’re also very confident in beating these mini Ten Tails’ up to get to the main body. I think it’s sort of poetic that Sakura, Naruto, and Sasuke have their senseis’ summoning animals. Again, Masashi Kisimoto’s pattern work here! 😀 It has a very next-generation feel in this chapter.

Also, I liked seeing the other teams’ growth in spirit and skills, too. Team 7 takes the cake, though… Continue reading Naruto Chapter 633 — Kuchiyose No Jutsu!

Neji + Analysis of Masashi Kisimoto’s Work

**Spoilers May Be In This Post**

I had a sudden whim to write about Neji from Naruto. He’s one of my favorite characters along with several others in Naruto, including Gaara, which I have written a blog about already here:

Watching Neji’s past self today in Naruto episodes made me want to write about him. Neji has this rather cold, stuck-up, and pessimistic personality due to the resentment he feels towards the Hyuuga clan’s hierarchy and, I believe, his father’s death really took a toll on him. To me, Neji’s cold personality was because he wanted to prove to the head family that, as a member of the branch family, he was a genius and the best ninja among the Hyuuga clan people. Due to this, however, I think Neji fell into a shinobi downfall: arrogance. Continue reading Neji + Analysis of Masashi Kisimoto’s Work

Naruto Predictions Part One — Hidan (may contain spoilers)

As I’m bouncing from Naruto episodes today to revisit fights and favorite scenes, I wanted to discuss my thoughts on the future predictions I have at the moment for Naruto.

Today, I’ve been watching the fight between Asuma’s platoon and the Akatsuki members, Hidan and Kazuku. After Asuma dies, Team Ten heads out to rid of these two Akatsuki members to not let their sensei’s information and sacrifice mean nothing. Anyway, I remember reading one of Masashi Kisimoto’s interview and how he said that characters we didn’t think we’d see again will be seen again in the future chapters of Naruto. Continue reading Naruto Predictions Part One — Hidan (may contain spoilers)