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Naruto Chapter 668: The Beginning of Red Spring

My review on Naruto 668!

All right, so… I was unaware of Masashi Kisimoto’s father passing away. :/ I found out today on a YouTube video of someone else’s review on Naruto Chapter 668, and I looked it up. No wonder he had the break. He’s still giving his work his all too. I hope he’s doing okay, and I hope this also helps people from complaining hardcore about chapters coming out; things happen! I mean, without him, there would be no Naruto; without Oda, there would be no One Piece, so I think there should be a lot more love going around for these mangakas who work so damn hard for their fans and families. Anyway, on to my review on Naruto chapter 668. 

You go Gai!
You go Gai!

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