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One Piece 800: Exchanging Sakazukis

One Piece 800 Review! The Straw Hat Grand Fleet

Want to discuss One Piece Chapter 800? Join Oro Jackson today! Stop by and say hi to me, Nekomori 🙂 You can also check out the prediction contest for One Piece Chapter 801 at Oro Jackson and get a chance to earn Bounty Points!

Lately, I haven’t been up for blogging. It’s been about a month now, I believe, since my last post. But, and I know I said this before, I’ll be more active because I have a lot of new plans that I’m working on, which includes this blog. I’m excited!

To kick off my activity, let’s do a review for One Piece Chapter 800. It’s the big 800, guys! Only 200 more chapters until we reach 1,000, and that’s a huge milestone. I wouldn’t be surprised if One Piece went to 3,000 chapters xD Also, I can’t help but think of Akainu because of the chapter title bwahaha

Anyway… after the grand fight between the Donquixote family and the Colosseum warriors and between Doffy and Luffy, everyone is grateful to Luffy; even the citizens of Dressrosa want to help him out 😀 Well… of course, Luffy being Luffy, he’s refused the offer of being the captain of the grand fleet. Naturally, he’s let them know that they’re his allies and vice versa! That’s more like it. I’m glad Luffy didn’t accept being a captain to them all xD That’d just be chaotic. Much better having them as allies. Plus, I really don’t think they’d all be the type to be subordinates…

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