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One Piece 747: Highest Executive Peeka

My review on One Piece 747!


Okay, so, this chapter was VERY awesome! I personally learned a lot from this chapter, and I’m so stoked to see what’s going to happen next. Also, this week’s chapter was adorable! I missed Hawk-Eye! He’s such an awesome character, so I was definitely excited to see him here. LOL @ the bears around him! Animals know when people are good or bad, so I’m sure that Hawk-Eye is a super awesome person on the inside. I’m so curious about his past and childhood and how he came to be the World’s Greatest Swordsman. I also want to know his Master and shit! It’d be a great story, I’m sure, and I think that Oda might reveal more about Hawk-Eye eventually. So, onto the the chapter details! 

Dressrosa is still crazy, and people are surfacing; the marines are realizing how many slaves were there, including marines, and uhhh, we find out about Fujitora’s motive… sort of. He’s paired up with Doflamingo for some reason, and it looks like he has very dangerous ideologies. Something’s not right about that man, and also, LOL WTF @ Maynard! I thought he was crazy strong at first, and he was acting like such a badass in the beginning of the Dressrosa arc, but now he’s just… small lol And Fujitora… I’m not really sure what his motive is, but it does seem like he throws his men’s life away or something for some greater goal. I don’t know. But I know  I don’t like him.  Continue reading One Piece 747: Highest Executive Peeka