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Love So Life Chapters 71, 72, 73, 74, 75

My reviews on Love So Life 71, 72, 73, 74, 75!

Ah, I’m a bit behind on Love So Life manga reviews, so I’m going to add the five new chapters that came out recently to this post. 

Love So Life 71

So, the twins, Shiharu and Matsunaga went to celebrate New Year’s with the twins’ grandparents! This was a simple chapter, but I think it set up the stage for the twins moving in with them. I think this chapter also showed Matsunaga’s feelings of resentment and anger toward his brother since he didn’t show the twins their father’s photo, so they don’t even recognize him. I mean, I’m sure Matsunaga meant well, but seriously… I think the grandpa was right on this. The kids should know at least what their father looked like. It is their choice, and Matsunaga taking away that privilege isn’t right. But he does care for the twins, and he sees that their father’s actions and the twins moving around a lot will cause the twins much more harm than good. I sorta agree there, but the twins seem happy enough! Matsunaga must be suffering a lot, but Shiharu is there to save his day. I also think that it was nice of the grandparents to allow Shiharu to come by to see the twins from time to time and that they got the twins bicycles. Cute chapter, loved the twins in it. 🙂


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