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Love So Life Chapter 69

Review of Love So Life Chapter 69!


Aw, this was an adorable chapter! Slowly but surely, things are changing between Shiharu and Matsunaga. Of course, the twins are too cute as well! This manga wouldn’t be half as cute without them 🙂 So, I think the purpose of this chapter was to show the difference between this Christmas and last year’s Christmas. It shows that Shiharu and Matsunaga are getting closer in a more… romantic way? I just hope it doesn’t take 583085325 Christmases to get them to confess to each other haha But this was such a sweet chapter. I really loved it, and I’m relieved that Matsunaga didn’t go out with any other girl on Christmas Eve/Christmas. That seems like a hint that he didn’t go back together with his ex-girlfriend! What what! Plus, throughout this whole chapter, we see him blushing a little and smiling at Shiharu’s cute face a lot. Ohhh yeah 🙂 Things are looking good for these two.  Continue reading Love So Life Chapter 69