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Tag: Love So Life 84 Review

Love So Life 84 Review

100-Day Challenge – Post #59

Love So Life 84 Review!

Finally, a chapter of Love So Life that I can review! It’s been a while, folks. But I just had to write a blog post about this chapter! Also, I know I’m way behind on my 100-Day Challenge, so I’m making it up today. 😛

I absolutely love the twins! They’re way too cute! Like here:

Love-So-Life-TwinsSo, Shiharu checks her phone to see if Matsunaga called, but she’s all shy and bashful about it. Then, suddenly, Matsunaga calls! Woohoo! And these two have a cute conversation. Their relationship is advancing, and Matsunaga was blunt in saying that it was nice to hear Shiharu’s voice. I mean, “SO” nice. 🙂

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