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One Piece 761: Ope Ope Fruit

My review of One Piece 761 and an OP Prediction!

All right, I totally didn’t get this chapter at first thanks to Manga Panda’s terrible translations. Geez, it made no sense, but thank goodness they’re not the only ones who translate. So, I read the manga elsewhere. The plot is moving forward! SO much was revealed in this chapter, damn. One Piece is getting better and better with each chapter, and there’s so much depth in the story. Ah, this is one of the reasons why I love One Piece. Before I review the chapter, I’ll state my prediction: Doflamingo knows about Shirahoshi being Poseidon, one of the three ancient weapons. Why? Because Doffy knows Kaido. Caribou has been captured by Drake, and Caribou knows about Shirahoshi’s secret. Caribou is no doubt going to have contact with Kaido, and he’ll reveal that secret to Kaido to get him to favor Caribou. Caribou also stated that he wanted to get on someone’s good side, and being the pansy that he is, Caribou definitely would side with one of the big guys – Kaido. Kaido knows Doflamingo, and I’m sure they’re tight business partners. Kaido may have revealed to Doflamingo about Shirahoshi. That’s why Doflamingo has power over the World Government. Or he could know about One Piece, the other ancient weapons or about the Void Century.  Things are getting so good! I want to know everything now haha Too bad One Piece is on break next week 🙁

Anyway, now, onto the review! Continue reading One Piece 761: Ope Ope Fruit