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One Piece Chapter 736: Chief Executive Diamante

Review of Chapter 736 of One Piece!


I love the cover for chapter 736! I think it’s really cute and fun and describes Nami very well. 🙂

All right, so 736 is getting into the fights that the Straw Hats and Revolutionary Army is going to participate in. First up is Sabo AKA Lucy in the Colosseum, and Rebecca already knows it’s not the original Lucy AKA Luffy. I gotta say, she’s sharp! Diamante also reveals his Devil Fruit Power, Flutter-Flutter fruit. At first, I was like… wow, what? That’s super… lame. It doesn’t sound very useful at all, but it seems that he can use it well. I love how Oda finds so many ideas for Devil Fruit powers. Continue reading One Piece Chapter 736: Chief Executive Diamante