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One Piece 776: The Colisseum’s Hero

One Piece 776 Review!

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It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything… but I’m hoping to get more time soon to spend on this blog. I’ve been reading so many new manga series, guys, and I want to talk about them on here. 😀 So I’ll be back for more blogging. But, for now, let’s focus on this One Piece review. FINALLY WE GET A CHAPTER! Oh, I’ve missed you. Like a drug, One Piece makes me happy on Thursday mornings. No, it really is a drug… and I don’t need help, so don’t intervene! ahahaha

All right. I was hoping for Zoro vs. Pica, but we got Kyros vs. Diamante instead. That’s fine, since I think Zoro’s fight against Pica is the second most important fight right now, and Luffy’s fight against Doffy is the first. So we’ll see him later. ;-; ZOROOO!!! I kinda miss seeing him.

Anyway, let’s move on. Kyros vs. Diamante. Overall, great chapter. I love seeing Kyros, who used to be a “beast,” be such a good father figure to Rebecca. He said great, inspiring lines, and you can tell he’s so damn proud of his daughter, especially for keeping her promise to her mother: to not hurt anyone. But he also has a lot of regret, so he’s fighting this battle himself.

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