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Tag: Kyros Cuts Off Doflamingo’s Head One Piece Chapter 743

One Piece 743: Big Jolts In Dressrosa

My review on One Piece 743!

Okay, is it just me or does anyone else think that Naruto and One Piece freakin’ delivered incredible chapters this week?! One Piece especially! The title for this chapter was so fitting as well, and there were seriously big surprises in this chapter. First off, cute cover page of Vivi and Carue!


Okay, so, we have Usopp, Sugar and Trebol in the tower still. Sugar’s knocked out, all the toys have been turned back into their former selves, and everyone has their memory back! Man, it’s like… each damn panel in this chapter showed all sorts of chaos. I’m glad that Sugar’s down, even though it was just so unexpected how she was taken down by Usopp. I hope Trebol doesn’t go near Usopp and kill him or something, though, out of anger etc. Doflamingo is pissssssedddd!!! HAHA I can’t help but be like IN YO’ FACE FLAMINGO! Continue reading One Piece 743: Big Jolts In Dressrosa