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One Piece 744: The Revolutionary Army Chief of Staff

My review on One Piece chapter 744!

Okay… One Piece owned it this week again! Naruto owned it too this week, and I’m very, very happy with the pace these two manga stories are going at. Where do I even start about this chapter… So many things happened, so much information, so much action, so much comedy… Oda really did this chapter so, so well. At first in the Dressrosa Arc, everything went slow and paced at first, but Oda just went BAM IN YO FACE with the last week’s and this week’s chapter. This is seriously… man. I can’t even be mad or sad at the things I’ve been mad and sad about today. Well, first, gotta feature the cover page. I actually like Kuzan; he was one of the Marine Admirals that I really liked, and I also liked that he stood up against Akainu. I’m excited to see more of him and learning more about him in the future. I thought for a moment that Kuzan was part of the Revolutionary Army because of the title haha but I do wonder if Kuzan is in the Revolutionary Army… It’d be super interesting since Robin was part of the Revolutionary Army in the time skip. 🙂 

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