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Tag: Kyoko And Corn

Skip Beat Chapter 208: Hot Spell

My review on Skip Beat Manga Chapter 208!


Well… this chapter wasn’t as lame as I thought it’d be. I read a small part of a spoiler a couple weeks ago for Skip Beat Chapter 208, so I think that’s what made me think that the chapter would be cheesy and lame with Ren/Corn’s excuse for not smiling. But, after reading about his excuse that there’s a curse placed on him to cause him to be sad and the people around him to be unhappy, it’s not as lame as I thought it’d be. Corn’s sort of telling the truth to Kyoko, but not all the way. However, I think he’s just using it as an excuse to not be happy… Though, we don’t know what happened in his past and if he’s really a murderer. I think Ren/Corn isn’t a murderer at all, but the person killed was involved with some situation of his, so some stupid woman called him a murderer.  Continue reading Skip Beat Chapter 208: Hot Spell