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Black Butler 91: That Butler, Change

My review on Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji 91!

Ahh, Black Butler has got to be my favorite manga right now, and I love writing reviews for it. But this month’s chapter was a bit disappointing for me; even the chapter was too short. I guess it’s because I was expecting more from it, more hints to the mystery of this whole plot. I had to read through it a few times to see if there was anything I missed, but I felt, at first, that everything about Kuroshitsuji was scattered. It just seemed like nothing connected to each other. This arc has been very confusing, but after reading this chapter a few times, some things started to pop out at me, and I’ll be talking about that in the review today. 


The cover page caught my eye immediately. The “The evergreen that glares at the cursed forest” phrase is very, very intriguing! Does this mean that Sieglinde has a deep, dark secret or grudge against the Cursed Forest and its inhabitants? Perhaps for trapping her there and not letting her go to the outside world? The cover page is really stunningly made; it has that spooky, haunting, dark, mysterious factor to it, which is very Kuroshitsuji. Plus, Sebastian has this sneaky look on his face and he has a candelabra, which illuminates his surroundings. I wonder if this means that Sebastian is going after the truth while working for Sieglinde? Yana never fails with cover pages!

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