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Black Butler 93: The Butler, Descent

My Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji 93 Review!

Okay, so, I just gotta fangirl a moment… Seriously, BB is one of my favorite manga, and I just love when it comes out! The artwork is amazing, and I just love the characters. It’s a unique manga ^_^ But I wasn’t very… sure how to take in this chapter. I just wasn’t ready for what was presented, and I also sorta don’t want something to happen… but I’ll discuss that later. So! First up is the cover page for this month’s chapter of Black Butler. I’m confused — is the person on the left Ciel? It oddly doesn’t look like Ciel. I mean, the eyes are covered, the hair is different… something just seems different. The person even looks a bit taller. Also, the curtains behind Ciel and Sebastian… I wonder what that means? Is there “act” about to be over because of Ciel? Something seems weird about this cover… Something that seems like a hint. There’s that whole “Past and Present, Passing Each Other.” Hmmm… I wonder if it’s referring to the two Ciels in this chapter? Goodness. There’s just so many more mysteries now. I seriously think Yana wants to play with our minds. There are answers, but then there are more mysteries. I’m wondering if this arc is just a cover up for something even bigger that Yana will tell us about? Hmmm. Interesting. 


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