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While watching the scene where the Third Hokage is dying after sealing Orochimaru’s arms, it makes me a little sad. Not particular that the Third Hokage is dying (of course, that’s sad to me, though, but not the point of this post), but it’s the fact that Orochimaru absorbed himself ┬áin learning all kinds ninjitsu to create even more “forbidden” ninjitsu or just become a powerful, evil shinobi (kinda reminds me of Voldemort from Harry Potter). Continue reading Weak

Naruto Fanfic: A Jinchuuriki’s Friend, A Lost Memory Pt. 1

**Here’s my first fanfic “chapter”! How I’m going to write it is using the scenes from Naruto itself and adding my character into it, so for Naruto readers and viewers, you’ll see some familiar scenes in my fanfic. Samire Mizu (“Violet Water”) is the main character of the story, just FYI. Ryu Hyuga is from the Hyuga clan and Shiro Kobayashi is another teammate. Saitou-sensei is the leader of Team 14. They all went traveling around the world for three years after Ryu, Samire, and Shiro graduated from the academy to find shinobi masters and find special skills, moves, etc., to help them develop their own styles. Stay tuned for more chapters!** Continue reading Naruto Fanfic: A Jinchuuriki’s Friend, A Lost Memory Pt. 1