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Sasori — Is He Really Such A Bad Guy?

I gotta say, Sasori’s fight with Sakura & Chiyo-baasama was one of my favorites. I also think Sasori’s character is rather interesting for a villain, so I felt like talking about him today. I’m just itching to get a blog post up, so Sasori will be my topic of the day.

Just a bit of background for Sasori: He grew up with loving parents and a grandmother (Chiyo-baasama). However, his parents were killed by Kakashi’s father, Konoha’s White Fang, when Sasori was very young. Chiyo-baasama didn’t know how to tell her grandson that his parents were dead (understandable), so Chiyo-baasama let it go for some time, but in the end, she couldn’t keep lying to him. After knowing his parents were dead, he longed to see them again, which is seen in this scene here when he sees a child being loved by his parents:


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