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Tag: Kanjurou Drawing Ability

One Piece 754: Please To Make Your Acquaintance

My review on One Piece 754!

We’re finally introduced to Kanjurou! Also, it’s good to see Kin’emon again. He’s so funny haha My first impression of Kanjurou: “Wow… this dude looks like a mega pervert. I wonder how he’s going to react to Nami and Robin.” He looks awesome and funky at the same time, so I’m super interested to see more of this character later in the series. I thought he’d look like a typical samurai, similar to Kin’emon, but I guess that’s Oda for you – he never does what you expect, and the best characters or most highlighted ones or ones who are worth noticing are usually really weird looking ones. ­čśŤ Kanjurou’s abilities is strange, too! I didn’t think samurais could do that sort of magic – I thought they were all about the sword? It looks like ninjutsu! Like Sai’s ability from Naruto. Makes me even more┬ácurious about Kanjurou. Why didn’t he leave before, and why didn’t he go with Kin’emon to save Momonosuke if he has that ability? But then again, his drawing ability is… poor, so perhaps there are limits for his ability.┬á


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